Aromatic •89• a manufacturer of home scents in Lithuania

benefit FOR YOU

• New clients flow and higher revenue to existing business.
• Attractive price - high margin possible
• An excellent reputation brand.
• Product in demand/popular product.
• The ability to grow and expand.
• Free visual and textual material for advertising.
• We are open to your suggestions.

why us?

Aromatic •89• appreciates its partners and creates the most favorable conditions to start selling our products !
• Luxurious, the highest quality product.
• Excellent and fast client service.
• Flexible and secure delivery logistics.
• The labels on the packaging are translated into the language of the country.
• Partner support and problem-solving.
• Working with large and small orders.


Aromatic •89•  products are sold only through the physical stores of the partners. Our company trusts over 146 partners. Most of them:
• Home decor and furniture salons.
• Beauty and SPA salons.
• Flower studios.
• Gift shops.
• Perfume and beauty shops.
• Boutiques.

You are welcome to join us too!

About us

Aromatic •89• is a manufacturer of luxurious and high quality home scents in Lithuania. We focus on the product quality. We do care that each our partner who has joined our team would work profitably and the clients would be satisfied with the quality of our products for 100%. 
Aromatic •89• started its activities in 2016 and made a huge breakthrough in the home scents market. Today, the products we produce are fast moving up into a leadership position. 

Business stages

step 1

  • Fast answer
  • individual commercial offer
  • Home scents samples set

step 2


  • dispatch of products
  • FREE delivery

step 3

Order completed

  • products exposition 
  • advertising
  • first sales